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Forum Rules

Forum Rules


I. General rules

  1. writing freely and in their chosen nickname of the user.

  2. The User must be used between the terms and conditions of these Rules and the applicable law created through the service.

  3. The forums forum administrator or administrators, moderators or moderators supervise their fundamental mission is to enable the continuous conversation.

  4. The moderator is entitled to delete any comments that violate this policyand then posts the user temporarily or permanently restrict.

  5. The moderator is not a judge, it is not required to provide justice to usersbut strives tocomply with forum rules consistentlyimpartially and to ensure the peaceful exchange of ideas with other users.

  6. Moderators at their discretion may take measures for cancellations technical origin.

  7. To ensure continuity and preserve readability along with the comments to delete theanswers, may also be deleted.

  8. The post will take place immediately following the publication of the submissionthemoderators will not allow post, so neither moderators nor the operator does not assume any liability for the content of messages, and only reflects the user's opinionwhich the operatorsand moderators are not any community assume.

  9. The operators and moderators are not liable for any damage or inconvenience resulting thefailure of moderation.

  10. The moderator there is no capacity to read all the messagesso please if you are as postfinds that these regulations conflict with one point of view, or in any way hinder the civilizedconversation, we indicate the contact details on the contact page.

II. Deleteposts:

  1. Offending posts. At the time of publicationcontaining an invitation to crime or other offense tothe application, or contrary to the Hungarian legislation.

  2. Send any comments that may violate privacy laws or other personal information public. (The exception to this is if the registered user can disclose personal information.)

  3. It comments that prevent the proper use of the forum.

  4. Posts that affect the system operatoror the the operation of of computer users as they are not required.

  5. Vulgar, threatening, aggressiveinsulting Posts in toneKnowledge of the topic it is deemedby the moderator that the posts belong to this category.

  6. the moderationoperators ratingdealing with them writingsModeration is not in issue and should not be taken as a personal insult.

  7. Messages that contain offensive images of good taste.

  8. Incitement to hatred or Posts on these topics with links to web pages.

  9. Some registered users insulting, discreditingin personal opinions.

  10. Racist expressions.

  11. with several different name deliberate destruction of the forum.

  12. Deliberate dissemination of false information.

  13. Any intentional community destructive behavior and provocation.

  14. Based on the comments and someone's nickname for a person or companyor a companyrepresentative to impersonatewhich does not correspond to reality.

  15. Use a name that can be connected in a temporary or permanent ban under a different usernameimmediatepermanent prohibitions might entail.

  16. Destructive topic posts.

  17. No matching topic posts.

  18. Copying back deleted posts.

  19. Comments, links like short stories.

  20. Any typingwhich prevents the use of the topic.

  21. Publication of advertisingbusiness, or continuing the business of economic activity.

  22. Any comments that do not conflict with the previously listedbut do not want to provide them with publicity.