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  1. The https://forum.bestforexrobots.com web site (hereinafter Site) "Provider Data Management", respecting the rights of your own data and to make every effort to meet the requirements of the Privacy Act. The Privacy policy is intended to Explain you, how will it be used for personal information in our possession and how you can modify or delete the data treated.

  2. This information applies to data management https://forum.bestforexrobots.com web site (hereinafter Site) subdomain and data management.

  3. The changes data management information in this web site above will take force when published will be.

II. The data managed

  1. Some aspects of site https://forum.bestforexrobots.com only for members are available. (eg .: Newsletter)

  2. During the registration process will be saved the user's name, e-mail address, your computer's current IP address, which the Data Manager to manage the withdrawal purposes below.

  3. The e-mail addresses, IP addresses are not visible to the other, after registration, free to decide whether to give further details.

  4. Recorded on your computer's current IP address when browsing the web in an electronic format that is stored on our server.

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III. The purpose of data management:

  1. Data recorded during the site visit in order to prevent fraud and recorded for statistical purposes to improve the quality of our services.

  2. All other details of the operation of services (eg, use forum) is recorded, and to identify the users.

  3. The IP record purpose during a forum post to prevent abuse.

IV. Duration of data management:

  1. If the information you provide to the withdrawal of consent.

  2. During the visit, the data recorded is stored indefinitely.

V. Access to personal data:

  1. The Data Handler access data recorded during the visit.

  2. Only the data controller has access to your registered e-mail addresses. The Data Manager, the administrator and moderators of this forum have access to the saved ip address what saved during the post.

VI. Withdrawal of data management:

  1. Does not have the right to refuse the processing of personal data without giving any reason or statements made in the contributor's registration be revoked.

  2. The forum posts are not personal data, they will remain in the system, they will be viewed.