FxPro Dragon

FxPro Dragon – reliable Forex trading software
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Broker (link): No information
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Money Back Guarantee
FxPro Dragon
FxPro Dragon – Forex robots’ live trading results
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FxPro Dragon Review

FxPro Dragon is the EA that can work both: as a single system on the account and in a combination with any other EA. It does not open orders all the time, it awaits the best moment to enter the market. That allows trading with several EAs on one account at the same time without getting big drawdowns.

The most important thing in Forex trading is not to lose your deposit. That is why you need proper money management. The algorithm of BEST Forex EA FxPro Dragon is so unique that the EA can easily work on many currency pairs. But we chose ONE best one. Such allows getting a stable profit.


  • Easy to Use installer- up and running in under 5 minutes
  • Adapts to 5 digit brokers
  • Responsive support team
  • Fully automated and requires no tweaking; works right after installation
  • Trades on USDCAD, M30 (3.0v) timeframe and other pairs.
  • Verified live trading statistics

By purchasing and using our FxPro Dragon, you will not only get a really working forex robot, but also some first-class of services such as professional support, a money-back guarantee, free updates, and last but not least, a transparent and clear price policy.

You get:

FxPro Dragon (Standard) / $139

  1. 1 Real 1 Demo
  2. MT4 License
  3. Lifetime Access
  4. 24x5 Support
  5. Free Updates

FxPro Dragon (Premium) / $179

  1. 3 Real 3 Demo
  2. MT4 License
  3. Lifetime Access
  4. 24x5 Support
  5. Free Updates
If on this graphs upper it reach the 100% then it result to lose your all money. For further test results, click on the graf.! Not true * micro real accounts!
Monthly Return Table (Profit / Month %)
The "Monthly Return Table" shows the result of the current month (in percentage).
Last month's value can still change by the end of the month.
Important Information: Changing the Forex Robot Set-Up Value can also make a big difference in the "Monthly Return Table"
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