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FXRiseUP Review

FXRiseUP is a classic supply and demand trading system designed for EURUSD. The EA sells at zones with bearish pressure and buys at zones with bullish pressure.

What makes FXRiseUP EA so efficient is its advanced entry and trade management engines, let's have a closer look at these components.

FXRiseUP EA scales into positions to get the best average entry price on each trade setup, and we will talk in great detail about the advantages as well as the disadvantages related to this system in the Money Management section a bit further down this article.

When scaling into positions, the questions is what distance is the optimal distance between each additional order? This depends on the market dynamics, which are constantly changing from hour to hour, day to day, week to week and so on.

FXRiseUP is constantly measuring the market dynamics of the currency pairs it is trading and by doing so it is able to calculate what the optimal distance in pips will be for each trade setup. In other words, the EA adjusts its trade engine to the current market conditions and either increases or decreases the distance between each additional order. This is such a powerful feature and one of the key designs that give FXRiseUP its incredible edge.

Advanced supply and demand tracker to find the most favourable entry price:

We have all heard the saying "buy low - sell high". And that is exactly FXRiseUP does. It has an advanced supply and demand zone tracker built into its trade engine. Once a key support/demand area has been established the EA places a pending buy limit order at that price level in the anticipation that should price come back to this key level, there will be a strong interest from institutional market participants to buy large positions which will make the exchange rate reverse and reach for new highs.

The opposite happens when a key supply/resistance area has been determined, the EA will place a pending sell limit order at this price zone knowing that there is a high probability that the bearish pressure will dominate the buyers at the zone which will result in a declining exchange rate into the near future from this point on.

FXRiseUP scans the market continuously, and is always looking to enter at the upmost favourable and discounted price. It looks for zones where price has seen strong rejections in the past. We know that once price come back to these levels there will most likely be strong rejection again. Entering at these price areas with either a surplus in demand or supply gives the EA its powerful edge.

This EA has both a directional trade filter and a trend strength filter built into its trade engine. These two trend filters together can help to support the supply and demand tracker to find the best entry areas and stay out of the markets when there are unfavourable trading conditions.

FXRiseUP has an inbuilt filter which detects news related to the currency pair it is trading. This news filter will stop trading actions at a set time before any related news event and automatically resume trading a set time period after the news events. This allows the EA to stay out of the market at the most volatile and risky periods.

You get:

  1. 1 lifetime license
  2. Versions for MT4 and MT5
  3. User Manual
  4. Free updates
  5. 24/7 friendly support
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