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Free Forex Robot

If you are looking for a free download Forex robot full version of which is ready to be installed and bring profit, it is exactly where you will find it. We represent a possibility to download a full version of the free Forex EA here. This system works on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading terminals and is made to make your trading an easy and fun experience.

The free Forex robot that you are about to download is the real commercial licensed automated Forex trading system with real live trading statistics, backtests, and technical support. You can download it by following the link in the description below.

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Forex EA free download

The free Forex robot that you are going to download is the real commercial automated trading system the access to which is given out for free by ForexStore website as a promotion proposition. It has the whole pack of features that the best commercial Forex robots come with when you pay the whole price.

- Why Download This Free Forex Robot?

This free Forex EA is ready to bring you profit on the market. There are a bunch of features that will make your Forex trading an amazing experience that is included in this EA, such as:

Free Forex Robot
  • Live statistics of the trading account with real money
  • 2x Backtests on the historical quotes
  • Fully automated Forex robot
  • 24/7 quality support
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Works 24/7
  • Has multiple options for money management, risks, and profitability
  • Free updates
Market Fighter
Market Fighter - live statistics Forex trading account

This is a trading statistic on the live account with real money. The trading on this account is verified by the independent and well-known third-party company Myfxbook.

CLICK TO GET FREE ROBOT at ForexStore To get the free Forex EA click the button above. You will be redirected to the ForexStore website where you can download the robot for free in your personal area after the registration process will be completed.

Pros and Cons of free Forex robots

Trading using automated systems is a popular way to make money with the minimum effort. This is a perfect possibility to create more room for studying or doing other things that you like. But as it is in any other field of business there are some pros and cons of using free Forex robots for your trading that you need to know about from the very beginning. So, let's take a look at those!


Obviously, they are free so there is nothing you need to spend to start trading, which is fantastic news for those who just wonder if Forex robots really work. It can become the start of your fantastic automated Forex trading journey;

Free Forex robots are a possibility to try automated trading spending no money on the system itself. This might be the crucial advantage for newbies in automated Forex trading, which lowers the barrier to enter the business;

It is a perfect way to start learning Forex not theoretically but by putting all the knowledge into practice;

Some of the free robots out there have quite the same quality (or sometimes even better) than the systems for sale. This is because some sellers, unfortunately, turn out to be scammers and their products are supposed to be only a bit.


Mostly, free Forex robots are systems that were used to be commercial but have been hacked and made publicly available for free download which means that those systems usually do not work correctly, have a lot of bugs, and are not safe for personal use;

Free EAs could also be some old systems that are no longer supported by the developer and have no updates which make them no longer suitable for real trading;

Some free systems are just the developments of brokers that intend to make you invest money in their services. In this case, there is no way you can freely use those systems but only if you work with the broker which sometimes can be not unprofitable or even dangerous.

Free systems are mostly suite only for educational purposes and can be dangerous if investing real money in them. You have to test any free Forex software before trusting it with your money.

How to install free Forex robot?

So, here it is, download of your free Forex robot is done and it is ready to be installed. But how do you do it? Well, it’s not as complicated as it seems to be. There are only five steps left to start Forex trading with your free EA.

  1. First of all, you need to download and install the MetaTrader 4 or 5 (depending on the requirements of the robot).
  2. Having the archive with the expert advisor downloaded for the first time, users usually look for the .exe file as for installing the ordinary program. But there is no such file. Sometimes robots' developers provide such a file, but all it does is organize the files into folders. We can do it on our own.

So, let’s open the archive and see what we have there. Usually, there are only the files of the advisor itself (.ex4 or .ex5 and .dll).

  1. The Expert Advisor life (.ex4 or .ex5) has to be placed in the MQL/Experts folder in the data directory of your terminal. To do this run your MetaTrader then click “File” -> “Open Data Folder” -> “MQL4” -> “Experts”. Copy the file of the free Forex robot to the “Experts” folder.

The .dll library file should be copied to the “Libraries” folder. To do this click “File” -> “Open Data Folder” -> “MQL4” -> “Libraries” and copy the file to the folder. To finish the installation, restart your MetaTrader 4.

Now you can find your free Forex robot installed and ready to trade in the Navigation section of the MetaTrader.

How do free Forex robots work?

It’s an interest of many traders to know how Forex robots work. Mostly, it is those who have not yet decided whether it’s possible to entrust their money to a trading robot. Will it keep and increase the earned funds or will it merge the deposit? Well, let’s figure this out!

Automated systems such as Forex robots are human-written programs based on standard algorithms used in manual trading. The success and effectiveness of EA depend entirely on the strategy and quality of its implementation into the robot.

Expert advisors do three basic things for traders:

  • Analyze the market situation
  • Look for the best time to enter the trade and open orders
  • Look for the best time to exit the trade and close orders

Forex robots usually use technical instruments like indicators, candle models, and levels to do those tasks. Orders are opened following the specific algorithms, for example, if a signal to open the trade is simultaneously received from several indicators. When the stop loss or take profit is triggered, the position will be closed, or when the built-in indicators give a signal for a trend reversal the system will try to keep up with the trend.

Any advisor works depending on the developers' trading methods (like Martingale, scalping, or technical analysis). They are always written based on a specific trading strategy. Usually, there are well-known and long-time tested strategies used, so don't expect to buy a Forex robot with a completely unique strategy.


Free Forex robots are useful tools for learning automated Forex trading and the Market itself. They still have pros and cons and should be used wishfully. We do not recommend using a free robot that is available for download here for real trading. There are a lot of commercial Forex robots for this purpose available on our website.

The free EA presented on this webpage should be used only for educational purposes. The developer of the robot does not give any guarantee that if used for real trading the system would be safe and protected from total loss of the funds.

If you still want to try our free software trading with real money, be extremely careful. First of all, before using the program to automate trading with real money, it's recommended that you be patient and check the effectiveness of the robot by yourself using a demo account. Further, if the results and reliability of the demo trading satisfy your expectations and you are ready to risk with your funds, it is better if you start with a cent account so that the funds on the account will be safe from higher risk.

CLICK TO GET FREE ROBOT at ForexStore To get the free Forex EA click the button above. You will be redirected to the ForexStore website where you can download the robot for free in your personal area after the registration process will be completed.

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