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Best Forex Robots for MT4

The act of trading is essentially a set of decisions made in response to specific market conditions, as outlined in a trading plan. Like most human activities, these decision-making processes can be encoded into robots to automate them. These robots are known as Forex expert advisors (EAs).

Forex robots for MT4 are extremely valuable trading tools used by many traders for lots of reasons. For most traders, they are a great way to establish a stress-free trading environment. Some EAs can analyze the Forex market and provide signals for trade execution, and others are sophisticated enough to manage and execute the trades. As humans, we are prone to making trading errors and these can be curbed by using expert advisors to prevent errors like poor risk management, and indiscipline caused by fear and greed.

Differences Between Forex robots for MT4 and MT5

Forex expert advisors are developed using programming languages. MT4 EAs are developed with MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) programming language and only work on the MT4 platform. On the other hand, MT5 EAs are developed using MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) programming language, therefore, are compatible with the MT5 platform.

List of the best Forex robots for MT4 in 2022

There are tons of Forex EAs all over the internet. Most people who have a background in coding can create these expert advisors but unfortunately, the majority of these EAs are not profitable. It takes a lot of skill to create a profitable system of trading that can be encoded. However, many developers come up with unprofitable Forex robots and sell them online. Consequently, finding a profitable trading robot takes a lot of effort and research but search no more since we have researched for you!

Recommended Forex Robot!
FXQuake – Forex robot for automated trading

FXQuake Review FXQuake is a 100% automated Forex robot (EA) that will work 24 hours a day on your account with the sole purpose... More

Do you want to succeed in Forex trading? The best Forex robot for metatrader 4 is going to help you with that!

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Rank Forex EA’S Name Type Monthly (%) Gain (%) Start Balance Days Drawdown PDF Details Comments
11 ForexTruck TURBO TOP LIVE 28.5 1909 1000.1 20089.9 351 73 - Preview Vendor's live account.
10 Forex Gump EA TOP LIVE 14.5 314.4 12000 23426.9 309 33 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account.
40 FXQuake TOP LIVE 13.4 610.3 1000 7100.73 460 44.8 - Preview Vendor's live account
60 FX MultiCore NEW LIVE 11.8 437.5 1100 5890.12 105 81.1 - Preview Vendor's live account.
29 Night Forex Bot TOP LIVE 10.4 713.5 2000 16668.9 629 61.8 PDF Preview Vendor's live account.
31 FXParabol TOP LIVE 8.3 263.1 2525.91 38358 1014 77 PDF Preview Vendor's live account
8 FXQuasar TOP LIVE 7.7 1230.1 2486 26973 1386 51.3 PDF Preview Vendor's live account.
30 Happy Frequency LIVE 6.9 258.6 2000 7172.93 560 30.6 - Preview Vendor’s live account. News filter.
33 FXGoodWay X2 LIVE 5.3 1078.5 2000.38 23614 1397 79.6 PDF Preview VENDOR'S LIVE ACCOUNT RESULTS.
7 ForexTruck LIVE 4.8 1082.6 2000 23652.9 1559 27.4 PDF Preview Vendor's live account
13 Trader's Moon TOP LIVE 4.6 220.3 1539 2164.04 1950 54.6 PDF Preview Vendor's live account.
25 Forex inControl 3.0 TOP LIVE 4 1850.3 1000 19560.9 2262 50.3 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistic. Gains profit on 4 currency pairs.
107 Night Forex Bot Demo DEMO 4 31.5 10000 13151.8 208 39.5 - Preview Test on a demo account.
51 FXStabilizer PRO TOP LIVE 3.9 1235.4 3100 40546.9 2000 66.8 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistic. Works with EURUSD and AUDUSD.
70 FXRISEUP LIVE 3.2 145.2 9037.88 14744.8 235 33.4 - Preview Vendor's live account.
22 Trader's Sun TOP LIVE 2.1 397.7 898 1652.98 2934 23.7 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistics. Not martingale.

What are the criteria for compiling a list of top robots for MT4

To ensure a robust evaluation and comparison, the following factors are considered when evaluating and comparing Forex robots;

Risk Management Systems:

Risk management is an integral component of any trading plan. Profitable Forex EAs have efficient risk management systems to control and minimize the drawdown on the account. This ensures there are no drastic losses and the capital is protected. Many traders are unable to stick to their risk management rules and as such end up making emotional trading decisions. Proper risk management is one of the reasons people employ trading robots as this allows them to optimize the profit potential of their trading methodologies.

Reproducibility of Trading Results:

The developers of MT4 Forex advisors make lots of claims regarding the trading outcomes of their EAs. The reproducibility of these results in live market conditions shows that such claims are true and this confirms the authenticity of the EA. This is important because making profits on a single trade doesn't guarantee consistent profitability. The best EAs for MT4, have results that can be reproduced on different occasions as this makes them reliable.

Refund Policies:

Refund Policies are important safety nets in case a trader ends up dissatisfied with the performance of an expert advisor. These policies protect you from fraudulent acts since the money-bank guarantee deters the developer from intentionally selling a substandard product.

Back-testing Data:

The most reliable way to confirm the level of profitability of a Forex robot, is to examine its trading results in the market conditions. This can be done faster by using simulated market data to test the EA. Back-testing can be done for several months and years of past market data to ensure that the Forex robot can adapt to varying market conditions. EAs that produce profitable results after years of backtesting are more likely to be profitable in live market conditions.

Trading Duration of the Forex Robot:

Short-term profitability cannot be used to forecast the profit potential of a trading robot. Trading results that are reliable proof of profitability, have to be results of a long time span. The best MT4 Forex robots often show profitability over years and sometimes decades of price data.

Verifiable Trading Results:

Unfortunately, trading results can be faked. Therefore, results from Forex expert advisors have to be verified by a third party for them to be reliable. This ensures that the results presented by the developers are not fabricated, but are genuine results that show the profit potential of the Forex robot.

Analysis of Long-term Profitability:

The best Forex robots for MT4 provide a steadily rising equity curve and are able to remain profitable despite the occasional losses incurred.

Best Forex robots for MetaTrader4

FXStabilizer PRO

FXStabilizer Pro review

FXStabilizer Pro is a profitable Forex expert advisor that is fully automated with unlimited profit potential. It was developed to provide an approach to trading that allows the profit to be maximized within the risk and money management parameters set by the user


  • It has a satisfactory refund policy to ensure that users who are not satisfied with the product can get refunded.
  • It has a win percentage of over 65%.
  • The trading results have been verified.


  • It is has a high price compared to other EAs in this review.


FXRapidEA QUATRO review

The FXRapid EA is quite….nimble. It works by making quick pro-trend trades and has a strategy built into it to specifically ensure that it recovers or mitigates losses.


  • It has a satisfactory refund policy.
  • It is compatible with any Forex broker for MT4 or MT5.
  • Pro-trend trades increase the likelihood of winning trades.


  • The minimum capital required is relatively high($460)

Forex Truck

Forex Truck review

The Forex Truck EA works with two trading systems that work together to make profits and minimize drawdown on the account. It also has a sophisticated risk management system to manage losing trades effectively.


  • Its trading results have been verified to be profitable.
  • It trades with a stop loss to ensure capital preservation at all times.
  • It is compatible with any Forex broker for MT4 or MT5.


  • It is relatively costly compared to other EAs in this review


FXCipher review

The FXCipher functions with two distinct trading strategies. It is entirely automated with a great risk management system. The trading results show that this expert advisor has been profitable for over 5 years with high accuracy.


  • It possesses an advanced risk management system that can limit the daily loss and drastic daily drawdowns.
  • It has two trading methods which increase its versatility.


FXQuasar review

FXQuasar is a 100% automated MetaTrader 4 expert advisor that uses no indicators. It works by forecasting price movement by analyzing price action before determining when to enter trades. It has 3 trading sessions for the 'buy' program and another 3 for the 'sell' program.


  • It had an in-built risk management strategy to protect your account from damning losses.
  • It offers a user-friendly refund policy.


FXConstant review

The FXConstant Forex robot trades by analyzing market behavior and price action. It does not use indicators but works on a pattern recognition algorithm, that allows it to recognize certain patterns and execute trades when these patterns present themselves. This ensures that its trading methodology is systematic and its results are reproducible.


  • It trades systematically via specific patterns and this makes its results reproducible.


  • It trades quite conservatively hence there could be a significant time lapse between two trades.


FXTrackPRO SUPER review

FXTrackPRO SUPER works using 3 different indicators which ensure it remains profitable. It maintains a high win rate and long-term profitability on 6 currency pairs.


  • Its long-term profitability has been proven in live market conditions with live funds.
  • It is versatile since it works on up to 6 currency pairs.
  • It is compatible with any broker.


  • This EA can effectively manage losses. However, the drawdown percentage is quite high
  • The Cost is relatively high compared to other EAs in this review.


FXZipper review

The FXZipper EA enters scalp trades and tries to close them in profit while adhering to a risk management system. The EA holds trades for very short periods and profits from short-term price swings. It has a sophisticated algorithm that can abort or delay trade executions, when necessary, in order to avoid engaging in low-probability trades.


  • Its back-testing data shows its profitability for over 6 months.
  • It is equipped with an effective risk management system.

Forex inControl Reborn

Forex inControl Reborn review

The Forex inControl Reborn EA is entirely automated and has a strategy that ensures it provides consistent returns. It has over 14 years of back-testing data to support its profitability and it works on four Forex pairs.


  • It trades with a stop loss to prevent total loss of funds.
  • Its profitability is backed up by years of back-testing data.
  • It has a user-friendly return policy.


FXParabol review

The Parabolic SAR and Bollinger bands are indicators whose underlying principles have been combined into the FXParabol. This EA can optimize both strategies to stay profitable in the long run, by effectively mitigating the losing trades with winners.


  • It has a unique combination of strategies to produce consistent profits.
  • It possesses an effective drawdown minimization system.


  • It can be applied to just 2 currency pairs.


Finally, the best Forex expert advisors are able to produce consistent returns over a series of trades. They do this by making enough wins to mitigate the losses while keeping the drawdown percentage at the barest minimum. If you require a stress-free and automated approach to trading, then a Forex EA would afford you just that.


What Does a Forex robot Do?

A Forex robot carries out trading processes like executing and managing trades to help you make profits.

What is MetaTrader 4 Platform Used For?

Metatrader 4 is a platform that is used by traders and Forex robots to carry out trade execution and management.

Do I need Forex trading experience to start using a Forex robot?

No, you do not. Fortunately, most Forex robots come with manuals that provide detailed descriptions of how to set up the trading robot. The developers are also within reach through their customer services or online platforms.

Do Forex robots really work?

Yes, they do. Some Forex robots such as the ones discussed in this article are profitable. But ensure you do your research before purchasing any Forex robot and ensure the results are verified.

How much money can I make trading with a Forex expert advisor for MT4?

The profit potential depends on the nature of the EA (which is determined by the developer) and the settings applied by the user.

BEST 3 live account results
Forex inControl 3.0
Forex inControl 3.0 – reliable Forex trading software Forex inControl Reborn – Forex robots’ live trading results
  • Price: $299
  • Gain: 1850.3%
  • Monthly: 4%
  • Running Time: 2262 days
  • Start deposit: 1000
  • Balance: 19560.9
  • Drawdown: 50.3%
Visit Forex Robot Website
Trader's Moon
Trader’s Moon – reliable Forex trading software Trader’s Moon – Forex robots’ live trading results
  • Price: $269
  • Gain: 220.3%
  • Monthly: 4.6%
  • Running Time: 1950 days
  • Start deposit: 1539
  • Balance: 2164.04
  • Drawdown: 54.6%
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FX MultiCore
FX MultiCore – very profitable automated Forex trading EA FX MultiCore – Forex trading results on the real account
  • Price: $339
  • Gain: 437.5%
  • Monthly: 11.8%
  • Running Time: 105 days
  • Start deposit: 1100
  • Balance: 5890.12
  • Drawdown: 81.1%
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