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There is no doubt that Foreign exchange trading has become extremely easy with the Expert Advisor (EA) in the modern world. Traders no longer need to be worried about all the aspects of manual trading. It has become easier because of the rich availability of well-programmed and highly intelligent trading robots.

Choosing the best EA such as FX Charger Max, FX Stabilizer, Forex InControl, and FX Goodway, traders make sure that it is possible to automate almost every type of trading, including Forex trading, bitcoin trading, and gold trading.

But the idea of simplification of the trading process leads to the great increase in the number of both good automated trading systems and non-profit trading robots, if not completely scamming once. For this reason, we have created a huge information base of the trading robots and made reviews on them to help traders to understand all specific aspects of every trading system. We also have assigned them a rating and divided them by different criteria which allow our customers to look for the best EA which will fit the exact costumer's request.

And if you’re still unaware of the advantages that could be open for you when using a Forex Robot it is your time to benefit from trading robots as well. All the robots represented on the web site are available for the MT4 trading platform, and thousands of professional traders are already using them. The best news for you is that there is no previous skill or experience is required to make real-life trades in MT4 or any other platform with the help of these robots since all the technical and analytical work is done by automated robotic systems.

If you’re looking for more information about the best EA robots, check out other pages of our web site. There you’ll get to know more about various trading systems and how they can add value to your Forex trading by automating the overall process and bringing you amazing profit.

To choose the best Forex robot for yourself to check out the following table on this page. Also, don't forget to use filters to make the results as accurate as possible. There you'll find our  class="orange" out from the Expert Advisors we’ve collected on our web site.

The Best EA Robots team wishes you very successful and profitable trading!

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FXStabilizer PRO

FXStabilizer PRO – very profitable automated Forex trading EA

FXStabilizer EA Review – Forex Expert Advisor Earns Stable Profits FXStabilizer EA is an innovative FX Expert Adviso... More

Do you want to succeed in Forex trading? The best Forex robot for metatrader 4 is going to help you with that!

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Rank Forex EA’S Name Type Monthly (%) Gain (%) Start Balance Days Drawdown PDF Details Comments
13 Z Trader FX EA TOP LIVE 59.4 -21543.4 9998.64 67787.8 984 6.1 - Preview Vendor’s live account statistic.
31 FXTrackPRO SUPER TOP LIVE 26 725.6 5000 45097.8 277 57.4 PDF Preview Vendor's live account
30 FXRapidEA QUATTRO TOP LIVE 24.5 774 2000 17452.9 290 55.8 PDF Preview Vendor's live account.
23 FXGoodWay X2 LIVE 12.9 269.2 2000 7388.62 315 38.4 PDF Preview VENDOR'S LIVE ACCOUNT RESULTS.
21 Happy Frequency TOP LIVE 12.7 539.9 18000 24764.3 661 88.7 - Preview Vendor’s live account. News filter.
36 Forex Truck TOP LIVE 10.7 421.2 2000 10422.6 477 27.4 PDF Preview -
9 Forex Gump EA TOP LIVE 10.1 2640.3 39772.9 105058 667 78.5 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account.
33 FXConstant NEW TOP LIVE 8.3 357.7 1000 4577.38 612 34 PDF Preview Vendor's live account
18 Forex inControl Reborn TOP LIVE 6.4 1049.6 1000 11617.8 1180 50.3 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistic. Gains profit on 4 currency pairs.
38 FXStabilizer PRO TOP LIVE 6.3 570.3 3100 20503.5 918 66.8 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistic. Works with EURUSD and AUDUSD.
29 Trader's Moon TOP LIVE 4.6 220.3 1539 2164.04 868 54.6 PDF Preview Vendor's live account.
43 FXZipper TOP LIVE 4.4 120.8 500.52 1104.96 535 13 PDF Preview Vendor's live account
3 FXDiverse TOP LIVE 3.7 1566.2 10000 166203 2271 61 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistic. Stable profit.
15 Trader's Sun TOP LIVE 2.4 356.7 898 1457.84 1852 27.8 PDF Preview Vendor’s live account statistics. Not martingale.

BEST 3 live account results

Happy Frequency

Happy Frequency - automated Forex trading software Live trading results of Happy Frequency EA – best Forex robot with statistics
  • Price: €299
  • Gain: 539.9%
  • Monthly: 12.7%
  • Running Time: 661 days
  • Start deposit: 18000
  • Balance: 24764.3
  • Drawdown: 88.7%
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FXTrackPRO SUPER – best Forex trading EA FXTrackPRO Super – trading statistics of the automated Forex trading software
  • Price: $445
  • Gain: 725.6%
  • Monthly: 26%
  • Running Time: 277 days
  • Start deposit: 5000
  • Balance: 45097.8
  • Drawdown: 57.4%
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FXZipper – best Forex trading EA FXZipper – trading statistics of the automated Forex trading software
  • Price: $345
  • Gain: 120.8%
  • Monthly: 4.4%
  • Running Time: 535 days
  • Start deposit: 500.52
  • Balance: 1104.96
  • Drawdown: 13%
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